“I wanted to thank you so much. Do you remember that I told you I had problems with my left shoulder? I’m not sure what move we were doing but you said, “This will be very good for that shoulder” and I haven’t had any pain since your class. I’m not sure if it was that Pilates move or a stretch later in the class when you opened my heart chakra up about as far as it’s been open since I hit adulthood. Whatever it was, you cured my shoulder and I can’t thank you enough.”
Kathy M., RN
Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Monroe is extremely knowledgeable and personable. I was new to Eastern Medicine and she took her time and explained things to me thoroughly.”
Kim, Entertainment Publicist
Los Angeles, CA

“Although I work in Allopathic Medicine at Children’s Hospital LA, I am a fervent fan of Eastern Medicine in general, and Melissa Monroe in particular. Melissa’s caring attention and encyclopedic knowledge of healing have been of great help to me while dealing with the grief of my parents’ passing, as well as the stress of treating critically ill children full-time. I look forward to seeing Western and Eastern Medicine fully integrated in our Health Care setting. I believe this integration is critical to providing quality health care to all individuals.”
Jennifer, Pediatric Nurse Practioner
Los Angeles, CA

“Melissa cares deeply about the health of her patients and the responsiveness each individual has with her treatments. One cannot simply find a doctor with this much heart easily.”
Jay S., Real Estate Investor
Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Monroe is so knowledgeable, kind, efficient, caring, compassionate, intuitive… the list goes on and on. She is the type of person who takes the time to get to know you, cares about your wellness and really goes after the problem like a sleuth. She really is the kind of healthcare provider I have always dreamed of: someone who shares her knowledge and uses her skills but always making you feel empowered and positive. On a completely practical level, I came to Dr. Monroe with some troubling symptoms and she immediately was able to pinpoint the problem in our first session – something that traditional doctors had ignored for more than 20 years. How was she able to do it? I know it was the combination of her skill and knowledge mixed with her compassion for her clients. She really cares that you get well, with no judgments and only your best interests at heart.”
Pamela M., Singer, Tutor
Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Melissa Monroe is an exceptional health care professional who combines the expert consultation with a personal and personable touch. I highly recommend her to anyone without any hesitation. She has been extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.”
Susan Carson, Nurse Practitioner/ Research Nurse
Los Angeles, CA

“I thought my gynecological condition was going to last for YEARS because, quite frankly, it already had! Western doctors told me to wait it out, but Melissa took care of it and within 6 months it was gone! Acupuncturist or exorcist, you decide.”
Jo A., Artist Manager
Los Angeles, CA

“Melissa saved me during my second pregnancy. I used Melissa to help me not just survive, but thrive with three conditions – emotional symptoms, physical symptoms, andinducing labor. I’ve always battled anxiety. Finding myself unexpectedly pregnant with a 1 year old at home and trying to run my own business, I was instantly overwhelmed. Combine that with the hormones of pregnancy and I was a wreck. I started my sessions with Melissa to help me with depression and anxiety. Several years earlier, I had taken medication to deal with anxiety but I didn’t want to take drugs while pregnant. I had a session weekly with Melissa to calm me and keep me feeling sane.

I also had Melissa treat me for nausea. I’d never had nausea during my first pregnancy, but it was brutal during the first 5 months this time around. Acupuncture provided almost instant relief and would even last a few days after my session. She also treated me several times for sciatic pain.The main reason that I recommend Melissa to all pregnant women is that she induced my labor. My first child weighed in at a whopping 9lbs. 3oz. My Ob/Gyn had mentioned inducing as early as 10 days before my due date, to allow for an easier delivery. The plan was for me to spend 24 hours on bed rest at hospital having my cervix medicinally ripened. A week before my due date, I started having bad sciatic pain. I saw Melissa and we agreed to use several points that were effective in treating sciatica and also could induce labor. Melissa advised that it would be best to have three sessions in a row to start labor. I always prefer to go the drug-free root when its available. My labor pains woke me up about 12 hours after my second session. I had a client who had her cervix chemically ripened a week later and had many problems associated with that.My only regret is that I didn’t have Melissa with me during my delivery. If I have a third child, I’ll have her there in the delivery room for pain management. I highly recommend Melissa for all the stages of pregnancy. I even used her to help my body recover from delivery and with the aches and pains accompanying breast feeding. I can’t praise her enough.”
Stephanie H., Pilates Instructor/Business Owner
Los Angeles, CA

“Melissa has been working with my family for more than 10 years. She is a pleasure to work with and she is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and how to make yours feel as good as it can!”
Betsy R., Author
Los Angeles, CA

“My life is filled with stress! Living in Los Angeles has its moments. I’ve seen Melissa Monroe for several ailments this year. She was immediately able to to cure the kink in my neck and has helped my insomnia through acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Eastern medicine has helped people for thousands of years…I’m glad it only took me one year to figure it out.”
Rey H., Actor
Los Angeles, CA

“I have used Melissa’s services when I have been injured in motorcycle accidents where the body as a whole needs attention as well as specific areas. Acupuncture and herbs were prescribed for the pain and trauma. Being unfamiliar with these methods, I was apprehensive, but Melissa was very reassuring and answered all of my questions and concerns. Her thoroughness with the intake prior to this treatment was intriguing, and necessary for accurate treatment. There is a definite science to this ancient form of medicine, and Melissa is very knowledgeable and informative. Melissa used Pilates with me after a few weeks to strengthen the damaged muscles and broken bones. The low impact exercises were tough at times, but Melissa was very caring and able to explain why it was necessary, which made me feel reassured and relaxed. She is very professional during her sessions, yet her bedside manner is sweet. She focuses completely on the task at hand, and even in group sessions she was very helpful and conscientious of each client, which made them feel special and individual. She is very meticulous and motivating, which makes me strive for a well-balanced body. I found her sessions so relaxing and fun that I wanted to continue even after my injuries were healed.”
Susan H., Designer/Biker
Los Angeles, CA

“The meaning of illness is a warning–do not continue living as you intend to.”
Georg Groddeck (1925)